The 135 veterans listed here are our warriors and our heroes.

  We honour them by taking the time to remember...


  Alfred A. Cheechoo
William D.Quachegan Spr. B40119 R.C.E.
Died October 04, 1947 - age 24 St. Thomas Cemetery
John Chakasum
William Faries Sr.
Peter Chakasum
James Faries Sr.
James Gunner
Joseph Hunter
James Kataquapit
George Kioke
Lawrence Lavallee
Robert Linklater
Willie Luke
James Mark
John Mark
Oliver Mark
George T. Moore
Harry Moore
Bert Morrison
Lawrence Morrison
John Nakogee
Thomas Nickoshie
Andrew Pasquach
James Quachegan
Peter Wynne
Edward Martineau
Joseph W. Gagnon
John Gull
George Sutherland Sr.
James Sutherland
Obadiah Tapaise
Andrew Wapachee
Joel Wesley
David Wynne
Thomas Archibald
James Chum
Fred Davey
Charles Tomagatuk
David Okitikoo
Simeon Metat
Albert Metat
John Kiash
Nora Chakasum
Joachim Spence
Solomon Sutherland
Michel Neepin
Jacob Swanson
Peter Swanson
John Chokomoolin
Pat Kataquapit
William Kataquapit
Jake Carpenter
Jack Carpenter
Jacob Edwards
Charles Gagnon Sr.
James Gull
Munroe Linklater
Edward Butterfly
Angus Chum
Gilbert Faries
James Chakasim
Alpheaus Solomon
Bert Iserhoff
Dan Dean
Vince England
James Carey
George Cheechoo
Tommy Goodwin
Joseph Okimainico(Hookimaw)
Tommy Noah
Xavier Kashu
Clarence Corston
Tom Mills
James Carey Jr.
Fred Koostan
Oliver McCauley
Jimmy McLeod
Bert Moore
Harry Moore
Thomas Nickoshie
Simon Wabush
Tom Wabush
James Roderique

Sydney Moore
Robert Pasquach
Joe Linklater
Oliver Rickard Sr.
Fred Moore
George Sutherland Jr.
Tom Tyrer
James Pony
Robert Scott
James Carey Jr.
Gilbert Quachegan
Roderick MacDonald
Charles Miller
Eddie Moore
Robert (Bob) Moore
Jack Wynne
Andrew Mark
Robert Cheechoo
Sam Cheena
Torkwell Gilles
Ernie Hunter
William Faries Jr.
Don Innes
Jack Hunter
Alec Louttit
Sinclair McCauley
Ruby Linklater
Edward Faries Sr.
Daniel Sack
George MacDonald
David Quachegan
James Sutherland
Sinclair Mark
Peter Martineau
Thomas Sutherland
Sam Mark
Arthur Moore
George Moore
Bert Morrison
Robert Sheshekun Sr.
James Quachegan
John Smallboy Sr.
William (Bill) Turner
Robert Martineau
Philip Morrison
Solomon Davies
Willie Frenchman
George Cheechoo Sr.
Local Vets
Jack Ryder
Rod Swyers
Joseph Crawford
Gerald McComb
William Glenesk
Roy Swyers
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